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Introducing The Legal Legacy Lounge™

The Legal Legacy Lounge™
I'm Neesa

After nearly a decade at a prestigious global law firm, I said goodbye to the cold corporate hallways and set out on a mission to breakdown barriers and equip women-led creative businesses like yours with premium legal tools and quality resources to help take your business to the NEXT LEVEL. 


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Your new go-to hub to build a powerful legal foundation that protects you as you grow and scale from formation to your first 7-figures.

If you are an entrepreneur, solopreneur, or small biz owner who is passionate about your business and ready to get legally legit but don’t know where to start from a legal standpoint, it’s time you meet The Legal Legacy Lounge™!

A comprehensive library of on-demand legal training and resources to make your entrepreneurial journey seamless, this all-in-one solution is everything you need to protect your ENTIRE business.

Have you ever wished you had a legal godfairy in your back pocket throughout your entrepreneurial journey? Well, wish granted friend! Lean on The Legal Godfairy™ to cover the legal side of your vision. With an on-demand library of legal trainings, templates, and resources to help you build a legally sound and sustainable business. Your dream destination for planning, protecting, and propelling your legacy has arrived!

We know what you’re thinking… you aren’t sure your business is completely protected but you don’t have the funds to “lawyer up” just in case something does go wrong. It’s time to stop running an illegally-operated business. Trust us, you don’t want to wait for something to go wrong before you get protected. We’re here so that you don’t have to spend a fortune on custom legal services. While still providing you with the information and resources you’ll need to start, grow, and scale your business.

How The Legal Legacy Lounge can protect and propel your business

Although the legal side of your business may seem overwhelming and intimidating, modern CEOs need the ability to make informed, strategic decisions that meet organizational objectives. They also need to implement the appropriate preventative measures to mitigate risk. 

You may have gotten by for a while by bootlegging your “legal strategy” with Google law school or swiping contracts from your coach but taking legal shortcuts doesn’t only leave you vulnerable to hard costs (like hiring a lawyer to do damage control) but it can lead to soft costs as well. This includes losing precious intellectual property, the time you’ll spend doing research to find recourse options and the productivity you’ll lose in the meantime.

Who has time for that noise? Not you. Never you.

From business formation to brand protection, a proactive legal strategy can not only protect your brand but can lead to increased growth potential and revenue.

Imagine what it would feel like to:

  • Be equipped with the knowledge to build a powerful legal foundation that protects you as you grow through every stage of your business. 
  • Have a deepened understanding and level of knowledge so you can make informed and educated decisions when it comes to contracts, hiring, trademarks, and marketing.
  • Be empowered to confidently and proactively fill the legal gaps in your business and protect your assets and brand entirely with a solid legal foundation that won’t shake.
  • Feel true peace of mind with essential business-building tools and resources you can revisit time and time again as your business evolves. 
  • Feel confident AF that all your payments are secure and you’re managing your money legally so the IRS can’t swoop in and take what’s theirs.
  • Finally get everything on your legal to-do list checked off in one swoop so you can pay yourself, protect yourself, and legally hire a badass team.  

Legal protection shouldn’t be reserved for well-funded start-ups or Fortune 500 companies. Our on-demand legal training hub for modern entrepreneurs will help you develop a personalized strategic plan to help you build a legally sound, sustainable, and scalable business with confidence. We’re here to walk you through topics ranging from LLCs to copyrights to trademarks to contracts to hiring — everything you need to know as a modern entrepreneur.

You’ll know how to confidently protect yourself from things like charge-backs and failed payments, set professional boundaries, protect your valuable intellectual property, and know what to do when someone requests multiple extra revisions. 

We’d be honored to support your growth and can’t wait to get started with you and ensure you have peace of mind while running your business!

The Legal Legacy Lounge™

What’s included in The Legal Legacy Lounge

Module 01: Welcome to The Legal Legacy Lounge 

Before you can truly understand your legalities, we need to break it down from the top so you can navigate through the lay of this course seamlessly. Plus, you’ll self-assess where you are in business and determine your key priorities while identifying the roadmap you need to follow for a seamless integration.

Module 02: Lay Your Legal Foundation

Strong legal foundations are how you build a solid business for your legacy to continue on. Here we’ll make sure you lay your legal foundation correctly for a legally sound business by identifying the right business structure and entity for your company, pinpointing the ways to protect your liabilities, legally compensating yourself from your business, and more. 

Module 03: Ensure Your Ideas Are Protected

Your intellectual property is everything as an entrepreneur, but when it’s not protected, it can be copied and there’s almost nothing you can do about it — let’s change that. You’ll know how to protect your intellectual property and ideas in various ways, implement our signature “S.L.A.Y.” method when it comes to trademarks, and how to handle copyrights.

Module 04: Gain Confidence In Your Offers & Contracts

There’s power in knowledge, especially when it comes to creating legally sound offers, creating and enforcing contracts, and knowing how to effectively review and negotiate contacts as a consumer. You’ll know how to confidently review, comprehend, and negotiate contracts, ensure the contracts you’re utilizing are the right contacts for your service and products, how to structure your offers to avoid legal issues, and take action when asked for a refund or chargeback with suggested language to use so you can handle anything that comes your way.

Module 05: Apply Legally Sound Marketing 

As an entrepreneur, I know you’re always marketing your business, but are you doing it legally on every platform you’re showing up on? You’ll learn how to utilize best practices for marketing your business through your website, email, social media, podcasts, and affiliate marketing, and overcome the most common mistakes in these areas.  

Module 06: Legalize Your Hiring Practices

As you grow and scale your business, hiring becomes essential, but there’s a right way and a wrong way to hire. You’ll know how to legally navigate the hiring process for your business, identify the legal ramifications for different types of hires, and ensure you legally protect yourself based on the types of hires you make.

That’s not all, either! 

In addition to 30+ on-demand video trainings, you’ll also receive:

  • A private members-only community for accountability and support 
  • Lifetime access to annual updates
  • 10 must-have legal contract templates 


We’re also loading you up with some drool-worthy goodies if you join us inside the Lounge:

Business Plan

No matter if you’re still in side-hustle mode or getting ready to exponentially level up with some major boss moves, every business needs a comprehensive business plan. This business plan template will walk you through how to plan and improve all the key areas of your business, including your financial planning, projections, milestones, metrics, marketing, product suite, strategy, implementation, operations, key policies that are often overlooked, and more.

Professional Directory 

This directory of women-owned businesses is filled with trusted service providers and professionals we recommend working with from HR pros to done-for-you support. There will also be a featured members section where you can highlight your own services!

Guide on Finding the Right Attorney

Although you will be ultra prepared with your legal foundations, there do come times where you need custom legal advice from an attorney. This is why you’ll receive guidance on how to find the right attorney (and how to know when you need to hire an attorney) for your needs if an issue does arise. 

Plus these expert guest pieces of training on:

Business Finances + Taxes 

It’s time to feel confident in your business finances! In this pre-recorded training we’re going to focus on your numbers to check on taxes, profitability, and sustainability. You’ll also learn when and why you should switch to an S-Corp (if you’re at a certain place in your business) with a detailed flow chart. The last piece is learning how to calculate estimated payments and pay taxes, and tricks and tips for bookkeeping and tracking your taxable expenses. This is a robust training to help you feel confident in your own business finances. 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Training

This 30-minute training will cover all the benefits of building an inclusive and diverse business! You’ll learn practices, tips, and strategies for creating and improving diversity and inclusion initiatives, how to prioritize working with diverse business partners, vendors, employees, and filtering through audiences. This training is complete with action steps so you can start making changes right away.


This training focuses on three key elements that will be huge as you start to grow and scale your team. You’ll learn how to know when you’re ready to hire your first employee and the true cost of hiring employees. Furthermore you will learn how to build a strong foundation for your dream team. You’ll also learn common mistakes to avoid when hiring, where to find dream hires that won’t break the bank, what to include in quality job descriptions, and so much more including onboarding and continued team growth. 

Uplevel Your Legal Strategy with The Legal Legacy Lounge™ 

Whether you’re just starting your business or leveling up what’s already there, a prudent legal game plan is essential. It will help you scale your dream to its full potential, protect you from personal liability and provide solid avenues for recourse in the event that your magic gets stolen.

Ignoring legal strategies until you have a problem is NOT. WORTH. IT. You can trust us on this one. That’s exactly why we’ve got your back with The Legal Legacy Lounge™. This is where you’ll find game-changing tips, templates, on-demand legal training and a comprehensive library of legal resources.   

Ready for access to the legal know-how you need to succeed?

Join the waitlist before it closes!  

*Disclaimer: This blog post has been prepared solely for general information and educational purposes. It is not intended to provide, nor should it be relied on for, legal advice. Should you require advice regarding a specific matter, appropriate legal or other professional advice should be obtained.

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